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HMRCs Funny Side
Posted on Wednesday 16 May 2018
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HMRC is probably pretty low on your list of funny or interesting things on the internet. Being the UK’s tax hub, the thought of searching for it wouldn’t spring to mind very quickly.


However, if you would like to be pleasantly surprised then a trip to the official HMRC Flickr page might be a good idea.  The page showcases a lot of the good work they do regarding money laundering, tax fraud etc. there’s also a pretty good laugh to be had if you think about how ridiculous some of the attempts to avoid paying tax.


It’s also a good reminder to pay your tax!!!


If you wish to look through, then follow this link – https://www.flickr.com/photos/hmrcgovuk/

If you wish for any tax advice then send us an email – info@oswaldmurdock.com or give us a call 0207 993 8661.


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