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Finance for Freelancers
Whether your a trade as a single employee Ltd company or a Freelance sole trader we can guide you to help you maximize your profits and take home pay.

Bookkeeping + Cloud software

One of the biggest issues freelancers face is understanding what can be recharged to the business and the time consuming effort needed to record receipts . With help of our processors and cloud accounting system, all your receipts are processed time efficiently under the correct guidelines.

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No matter whether you trade as a Ltd company or a Sole trader, as a director of business your are required to summit a self assessment tax rerun. With years of experience our London based accountants can not only help you complete your self assessment on time but also advise on potential tax savings.

5. Piggy Bank

Hidden Tax savings, schemes and  growth vouchers

In today markets cost saving comes in many forms such Tax breaks, schemes and vouchers. With such an array of options available an management needed it can be tough to find the time to sit down and study all the options available to you.  Luckily for you our proactive team of trained accountants can take your through all the available cost savings you might be missing.

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Payroll & Dividends

As a freelancer operating through a Ltd company has its advantages. One of those advantages is reducing your tax bill by paying yourself a mixture of Dividends and Payroll. This type of organised payments can be complex and hold many drawbacks. Engaging Oswald Murdock as your accounts allow you to have piece of mind that you will not only save money but also follow the letter of teh law.

12. Crown

We deal with HMRC & Companies House on your behalf

What freelancer doesn’t worry about HMRC calling or a brown letter droping on the doorstep. Well worry no more, as part of our freelance service we will deal with HMRC on your behalf.  Whether its deal with routine matters or complex investigations, we have have years of experience dealing with HMRC  are proud to have built up  what we consider to be a strong relationship with you can benefit from.

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