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Human Resources
Before you know it, you’ve grown from a small fledgling business into a bustling hive of activity with more employees, requiring more policies and procedure.
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Redundancy & Employment Law

It is a difficult and complex process which will ultimately affect everyone working in your company. Oswald Murdock are experts at guiding organisations like yours through the complexities of redundancy. We can help you to ensure you make the most appropriate restructuring decisions and implement them smoothly and legally. Without appropriate, experienced support and advice there is the danger that you could face accusations of unfair dismissal, which is damaging and destructive to any business. Communicating the right message regarding redundancy measures to your employees and other stakeholders is also a challenging task. Our expert team can help roll out effective internal consultations and communications that will help to ensure your team clearly understands the processes and implications.


Employment contacts

swald Murdock is highly experienced at preparing detailed contracts of employment for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you do not provide legally binding employment contracts to your employees, you could make your business vulnerable to costly and potentially damaging Employment Tribunals.Our clients come from a wide and diverse range of industries – the one thing they have in common is the knowledge that our contracts will protect them against any eventuality.We offer a comprehensive employment contracts service including crucial contract and clause reviews and amendments. With Oswald Murdock you will always be certain that your employees’ contracts are current and up-to-date.


Employee Benefits

To attract the best talent, it’s important to offer employees a benefit package that will keep them keen and motivated. The happier your workforce, the better their output – it therefore makes perfect business sense to carefully consider what you’re offering.Oswald Murdock helps businesses like yours to develop bespoke benefits packages that will incentive and reward staff.here are hundreds of different employee benefits you can consider, from gym memberships and private healthcare to winter flu vaccinations and travel vouchers.We can help you to discover the best benefits and rewards for your staff and help you to tailor a package that will contribute to a happier, more productive workforce.

1. Health and Safety

Health and safety

It is vital that you understand your legal responsibilities. Failure in your understanding could put both your employees and your business in danger. Health and safety compliance comes in many different forms, depending on the nature of your business. Your legal obligations include everything from ensuring you have the correct safety measures in place, through to making sure you have the appropriate and qualified people on-site to help in the event of an emergency.elivering a safe environment is not just a one-off assessment. Oswald Murdock can help your business manage Health and Safety on a regular basis with marked calendar checks by a competent professional.


Polices & Handbook

Company policies and procedures advise employees about what is expected of them and how they can remain safe in the work place. They are also an important way that you, as an employer, can shape the culture of your organisation and ensure that your business is run efficiently.This invaluable guide to your company’s policies and procedures should be treated as an extension to your employees’ contracts and therefore it is very important that time and energy is invested in writing it. Oswald Murdock has extensive experience in writing and updating high quality employee handbooks.

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